About the blog restructuring

A month ago we realized that we had already gone through the core of the game as it pertains to setting up your first businesses, and protecting your wealth. Everything else we have scheduled for the rest of the first season are spotlights on different industries, aka a specialized version of the hustle.

Writing about an industry at a glance is not really what we signed up for, we promised to share our notes as we learned. Therefore we decided to restructure the blog and parlay it into something more educational, with core programs and specialized branches. For example, if ‘wealth building’ is a core program then mobile software development is a specialized branch, just like real estate investing through tax liens is another.

After reading up on teaching, notably The Talent Code and The Little Book of Talent, we have a format to try but getting the material ready will take some time. Therefore, we will take a break from the blog and get two-three courses setup before relaunching.

Needless to say it will still be free. 😀


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