Protecting your assets in your marriage

Reading time – 2 minutes

The other day someone told that it’s not how much you make but how much you keep, he was referring to taxes and at some point, I am sure we’ll go over finessing around them but the saying also applies to one’s marriage.

A civil marriage is essentially a business contract, because unlike the religious ceremony, the emphasis is on establishing rights and obligations between the two parties. Wouldn’t it be horrible if after all your years of hustling your partner cleaned you of your hard earned money. Yes, you can sign a pre-nup however to some extent pre-nups can be partially or entirely be thrown out. So what’s a hustling man or woman to do? Well here are a few things that the wealthy do for apparently no reason. They won’t stop your partner from walking away with some of your money but they will decrease it by a sizable amount.

  • stash money in a safe or deposit box
  • overpay taxes and file for refund after the divorce
  • defer your salary or accepting a new position, bonuses etc.
  • purchase things that can be easily over-looked or undervalued: antique cars, collection watches/bags, stamps, coins, artworks etc.
  • temporarily transfer money and assets to trustworthy family members until the end of the divorce – wouldn’t it be crazy if the family member got into a divorce around the same time?
  • establish a trust for all assets accumulated before the marriage

Shout-out to eHow. Don’t think emotionally family.


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