Reader’s email: Why do you hate the idea of “paying dues”?

Reading time – 2 minutes

Note: i apologize this article will be all over the place, because I’m writing off the dome.

I was surprised and happy to get our first reader’s email while we were still in private beta. The reader essentially wanted to know what my problem with the concept of paying dues was?

It’s a con.

A con that we sell each other without realizing. Paying dues, taking it slow and being mentored makes sense if you’re after acknowledgement by your peers or if your business needs some sort of license.

However, if your goal is to just make money, you don’t need to bother with all that. In fact, your grind is handicapped when you buy into it. Paying dues is reading a thousand books and putting your 10,000 hours to become an “expert”. Hustle is selling one book to a thousand people.

Nowhere in the ‘hustle’ equation does taking it slow appear. I’m sitting on this side of the blog so to some I might look like an expert on hustling – lol. But what if there was a 14-year kid who got the courage to push a short story after reading this blog? What if she setups a website to allow people to read that story for one dollar? And say it goes viral and about 10,000,000 people read it this week.

She just made 10 million and by definition she’s not an expert on money.

This is really the reason why we set up the site as a pot-pourri of hustle principles. There is no need for a slow and steady way to make money. As long as you know or stumble on the underlying principles, everything is setup to go viral. That’s actually why we emphasize startups instead of businesses, because a start-up is optimized for growth whereas a ‘regular’ business is usually optimized for profits.

So yeah, don’t buy into that. And don’t let your kids buy into it with stories like the tortoise and the hare, books like Outliers etc.

Stay prosperous brethren!

One last thing, I recently read Tell to Win, and realized that the information on this blog might be too dry for some. I’ll try to sprinkle some anecdotes and personal stories here and there 🙂


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