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TDLR – 6 guys in their mid-20s publishing their notes on making money in case they are useful.

In 2011 I started an email newsletter about creating and sustaining wealth. It covered industries I was looking into, stock and book recommendations and ideas to implement – that kinda thing. Then some of my friends joined me and we kept circulating info between us.

Earlier this year, I ran into someone who wasn’t part of the email chain but was forwarded one of them on fashion labels. She encouraged me to share my notes and suggested I publish them for everyone to read.

The idea of open sourcing my playbook sounds redundant because nothing about it is new, the knowledge and books are out there and I am just filtering them.

Still I decided to run a test: we’ll setup the site for a year, and we’ll publish an article a week – in French and English. If there is at least one person that benefits from it, we’ll renew it for season 2.

We are not multi-millionaires/billionaires. In fact, we are closer to being students than teachers, this is no substitute for professional advice. Still all 52 articles are outlined. They cover ideas you could adapt or implement as-is, industries to keep an eye on, and the emotional and practical aspects of running a company.

However, if you want to publish a guest post, shed some light on an industry or talk about life as a founder and the hardships of starting and running your company, please drop us a line at featured@hackerxhacker.com. You have top priority after the first 8 articles.

Similarly if you want to run something by us, send an email. If there is something to be learned we’ll anonymize it and talk only about the lesson.

One last thing I am not trying to convince anyone to start a co. I don’t think it’s for everybody but if you’re at a stage in life where you consider starting one or think that in the near future you will definitely start one, you want to check us out every Sunday night/Monday morning.

Stay prosperous fam.

PS: Hacker because I hate the phrase ‘paid my dues’.

PPS: Hacker x hacker because hunter x hunter is my favourite manga and Booba – Jimmy 2 fois was playing in the background when I bought the domain name.


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